TEF had it's annual Ramayanam parayanam celebration by reading the Sundarakandam with our dear Students, Mentors and Sponsors.

It was a very special Sunday morning/evening for everyone who attended starting with the Lamp lighting at the beginning, prayers, parayanam by all and to the Aarthi at the end. With the Aarthi at the end, we all seek blessings from Lord Rama for a wonderful new year....

Everyone read it beautifully, kindly enjoy, like and share ....

Thank you!

DARE to DREAM: The EMPower Foundation (TEF)'s AoS, Têtê-à-têtê with Retd. Lt. Col. Ravi Chandran.

The EMPower Foundation (TEF), Art of Speaking course presents an educative talk with our esteemed guest Retd. Lt. Col. Ravi Chandran. He spoke to our young ladies about how to stay focused, how to cultivate discipline and how to put in hard work, a must in everyone's life. He also spoke about the vast opportunities in the armed forces.

Thank you to all our dear Mentors, Sponsors, young ladies and Supporters of the foundation.

Hope you enjoy this informative session presented by TEF.

The EMPower Foundation ~ TEF Talk 7. First Female Kathakali Guru Adv. Smt. Renjini Suresh - - CHAMAYAM: Adorning different Roles!

The EMPower Foundation (TEF) is excited to inform you about our continued endeavor "TEF Talk", a series of interviews with eminent and inspiring women. The foundation hopes to inspire not only its young ladies but the larger audience through these informational interviews.

TEF Talk is honored to present this time an up close and personal interview with The First Female Kathakali Guru from Kerala, Adv. Smt. Renijni Suresh. "CHAMAYAM: Adorning different Roles" on stage and in real life.

Smt. Renjini is a multi faceted talented artist. She is a renowned Kathakali artist who started her journey watching her father. She is the first and only female Kathakali Guru in Kerala. Her other roles in life are professionally a lawyer, a homemaker and a devoted mother to her children. She has plenty of words of wisdom for young ladies.

Our interviewer today is TEF's very own in-house Kathakali artist and mentor, Smt. Meera Verma. Meera is currently an Administrator at the Art of Living foundation by Shri. Sri Sri Ravishankar ji in Trissur. Meera is a talented and very passionate Kathakali artist herself.

Let us together watch this interview with Guru Adv. Renjini Suresh, get yourself a cup of steaming hot chai and vada and enjoy this episode of TEF Talk.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement, it is much appreciated!

The EMPower Foundation (TEF) presents a Vishnu talk by Pujya Mataji Pravrajika Chetanaprana.

HAPPY VISHU greetings to everyone!
Pujya Mataji Pravrajika Chetanaprana is the Secretary of the Ramakrishna Sarada Mission in Trivandrum.
TEF is thankful and honored to have had Pujya Mataji address our girls on how to cultivate SELF CONFIDENCE in the new year with a VISHU talk. Pujya Mataji enlightened every listener with inspiring words of wisdom and blessings. Adults and children together learnt the true meaning of being confident without being boastful. Thank you from all of us at TEF. Kindly watch the video recording and please support TEF.
To become part of TEF, please visit our website at and email us at
"Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavandhu"

The EMPower Foundation (TEF) Annual Day Celebrations February, 2023

TEF celebrated yet again another Annual Day on the 12th of February 2023.
The foundation had a very special Chief Guest for the event. Yester-year movie actress Smt. Parvathy Jayaram graciously accepted our invitation. Thank you dear Parvathy for your presence and meaningful answers to all questions shared by our young ladies.
TEF was proud and happy to celebrate the occasion together with our young ladies, mentors and sponsors. Smt. Kavitha Menon, our Mentor from Thrissur, Kerala was the emcee for the event.
As always, thank you to ALL the Sponsors, Mentors and Students of the Foundation for your continuous support. Thank you for watching and enjoy...
Together We Can and Together We Will!

Mentors and Daughters Day 2022 - Thrissur

An informal evening with the Trissur Mentors and Children, the Chief Guests were the students who self introduced themselves, spoke of their college lives, dreams and also entertained everyone with their performances.

Trivandrum Meet and Greet Social, Dec 2022

The foundation had a meeting and get together at the Hindu SMSS Mahila Mandiram auditorium in Trivandrum. Many of the students and mentors with a few sponsors attended the event. Every student introduced themselves and our Chief Guest for the morning was Smt. P E Usha, Women and Children Activist. Smt. Roshni Vijayan and Smt. Geetha Kaimal happily graced the function. Mentors and students spoke of their experiences and dreams.

Directors and Mentors ~ Meeting outings in 2022.

The EMPower Foundation ~ TEF Talk 6.
First Lady Master Chef Smt. Latha Kuniyil - - The KITCHEN is my TEMPLE!

The EMPower Foundation (TEF) is excited to inform you of our continued endeavor 'TEF Talk", a series of interviews with eminent and inspiring women. The Foundation hopes to inspire not only its young ladies but the larger audience through these informational interviews.
TEF Talk is honored to have had the opportunity to have a chit chat with The First Lady MASTER CHEF Smt. Latha Kuniyil from Kerala. “The KITCHEN is my TEMPLE” is her motto.
Smt. Latha is a passionate and proud chef who worked her way up the ladder by being dedicated, motivated and committed to the profession she chose….She is indeed an inspiration for many of us, thank you Latha, we wish you many more happy cooking days.
Our interviewer is TEF’s Sponsor, Chef Smt. Priya Roy an ardent and innovative professional chef and an early education entrepreneur. Priya has worked in cruise ships and upmarket hotel chains in India and abroad.
Quickly grab a cup of chai and a cookie, sit back and enjoy this chit chat with Master Chef Smt. Latha Kuniyil.
Thank you for your continued support and encouragement, it is much appreciated!

TEF "Sundarakaandam" Parayanam Aug 13, 2022

TEF conducted it's annual Ramayanam parayanam by reading the Sundarakaandam with our dear young ladies, mentors and sponsors.
It was a very auspicious Saturday morning/evening for everyone and the reading concluded with an ‘aarthi' seeking blessings from Lord Rama himself. Everyone read it beautifully...
Kindly enjoy, like and share!

An honor and privilege to have been showcased as guests on the show “Tea with TPS”, Episode 98, Empowerment of Women, by Ambassador T. P. Sreenivasan IFS.

The EMPower Foundation ~ TEF Talk 5. Dr. Mayadevi Kurup -- Myths and Realities of Women's Health!

TEF Talk is indeed honored to present our next guest in our continued series, Dr. Mayadevi Kurup, Senior Consultant (OBGYN) and Academic Head at Aster Medcity Hospital, Kochi. Dr. Maya is an expert in all aspects of women's health and she is the first Gynecologist in Kerala to perform robotic surgery.

A Dialogue on CYBER CRIMES with DGP K. Padmakumar I.P.S

TEF is happy to present its first program for 2022 on Sunday January 16th at 5:00pm IST, 6:30am EST.

DGP K Padmakumar IPS is one of India's topmost law enforcement leaders and is with the Special Armed Police stationed in Trivandrum,Kerala. TEF is humbled and honored to have had Mr. Padmakumar take time out of his extremely tight schedule to educate the students and everyone on this increasingly critical topic of Cyber Crimes. It was indeed an eye opening session into the dark world of cyber space. TEF would like to extend a big thank you for his graciousness and this enlightening session. Thank you all for your support!

2nd Annual Day Celebrations

Date : 24th December,2021 Time : 6.30pm IST/8am ET

TEF celebrated its Annual Day on the 24th of December, 2021. Pathanamthitta District Collector Dr. Divya S. Iyer was the Chief Guest for the event. Thank you Madam Divya for your presence and heartfelt message to our young ladies. TEF was proud and happy to celebrate our young ladies and their varied talents. The video presentation is indeed a testimony of their artistic brilliance. Smt. Anjana Bala, our Sponsor from Singapore was the event emcee. Thank you to ALL the Sponsors, Mentors and Students of the Foundation for your continuous support. Thank you for watching... Together We Can and Together We Will!

TEF is excited and honored to have dynamic career coach Mrs. Preetha Ajith address our young ladies

Apart from being a career coach, Mrs. Preetha is also a certified Emotional Intelligence Specialist, Student Counselor and Life Coach. She has a Masters in Counseling and Psychotherapy and also in Psychology (Organizational Behaviour) and a Bachelors in Journalism and B. Ed in Social Science.

TEF presents "INFOSYS meets TEF"

An online interactive session with Senior Executives from INFOSYS. Mr. Vasudev Kamath, Vice President and Head of the Mangalore Development Centre and Ms. Dinha D'Silva, their HR-Business leader, are our special guests.

Art of Speaking

TEF is happy to announce its new venture “Art of Speaking”, a series of interactive online group sessions focusing on helping our young ladies stride forward in confidence.

TEF Ramayanam Parayanam Aug 15,2021

The TEF team yet again conducted its joint program with its Sponsors, Mentors and Young Ladies. The Foundation celebrated the conclusion of the Ramayana month on the last Sunday of Karkithakam. It was indeed a blessed and special morning/evening. Our young ladies showed their dedication of Dharma and Culture as the Sundara Kandam was read and discussed at the event. Smt. Geetha Madhu, Mentor with the Foundation was kind enough to help us by explaining it as well.